Monday, 7 July 2014

Guest Blogger July 2014

Each month we will have a guest blogger to entertain you, and our very first one is that lovely (mischievous) duo Sunshine Daisy & Baby Alien from Daisy Felts.

Wooop, we’re famous!  We’re going to be guest bloggers over at Glitterwitch... yay... lets go have a mooch around the page and see what lovely goodies she sells... ohhhhh, beads, they look fun!  Can we have some Mum??? Pleeeeaseeeee!

Oh look, yummy beads to play with, wow, what shall we make Baby Alien??  I know, I know, Muuuum, can we have a needle and thread please, I promise to be careful and not stab Baby Alien with the needle... honestly!

Oh Baby Alien, you’re not meant to be playing football with the pretty beads... oh, you’re picking the nicest ones for me... oh go on then, you can help.... but mind my needle, Mum says its veeerrry sharp – ouch, my finger!!

Look Baby Alien, this is what you do... put them on the needle and push them down the thread like this, oh don’t they look pretty!

Ta dah!!!  Mum, Mum, look at the pretty necklace I made... No Mum, Baby Alien didn’t want one – he’s a boy!

Can we get more beads from the Glitterwitch site please, pretty please?? 

If you have enjoyed this tale from Sunshine Daisy and Baby Alien why not visit their Facebook page to see more of their adventures
Many thanks to the lovely Diane Dawber, creator of these two adorable characters. If you would like to see more of her work, pop over to her Etsy shop

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  1. Thanks Aunty Janet... we like being famous - big waves to Lorna & Lena xx