Monday, 28 July 2014

Weather or Not.......

The one thing that seems to get everyone talking about it, is the weather. We seems to be obsessed by it - in the winter we long for the hot sultry days and in the summer we long for the temperature to drop. Recently I asked some of my followers what their favourite season is - most votes went to Autumn, a very colourful, but sort of "in between" season.

Our daily life is peppered with weather related sayings such as "under the weather" or "fair weather friend". The latter seems easily explained, but how on earth did under the weather come to mean feeling ill?  Well it appears no one is quite sure and there are several explanations dotted about. The one I prefer is that when sailors were feeling seasick in stormy weather, they were sent below deck to recover - hence being "under the weather".

Then we have "nice weather for ducks" - do ducks really like the rain? How about "raining cats and dogs" - where did that come from? Do you have any weather related sayings that you love, and do you know how they came about? Pop them in a comment below so we can all share them.

On a different note, do you remember the hexagons I started to crochet last week and then realised how much sewing up there would b? Well, I have knuckled down and made some progress:

So, what do you think?
Your next progress update will be in two week,s as next week we have another wonderful Guest Blogger. Following the entertaining Blog from the lovely Diane at Daisy Felts this month, we have invited another Guest along - so don't forget to pop back next week to see who it is.

I will leave you with this lovely weather related quote:  "Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, just different kinds of good weather!

Monday, 21 July 2014

What's on the needles .....

This week I thought I would show you something that I am working on.  Although my website sells all sorts of craft supplies, my passion is knitting and crochet. I have been knitting since I was eight years old, but taught myself to crochet only a couple of years ago.

Mr Glitterwitch often says that our spare room has more wool than a wool shop, and so I thought it was time to have a rummage through and use something up. This is what I found at the back of the wardrobe:

Ah, yes I remember buying that, (a few years ago), the colours remind me of the seaside and I was going to make beach bags with it. Right, 3 balls of each left - what can I make to use them up?  I know I will practice my new skill of crocheting wagon wheel hexagons.

What do you think? I love them; they are quick and easy and make a lovely portable project to take with me when I travel by train. So, full of enthusiasm, over the last week I have made lots and lots of these.

Bang! then it hit me  - oh my goodness what have I done. Many of you will know that the one thing I detest about crafting is sewing up! I love making things, but absolutely hate sewing them up - probably because I am not very good at it.  So here I am merrily making literally hundreds of this hexagons which I will now have to join together ........ Come back next week for a progress report.

Now, just to be contrary, I do love sewing beads together! So here are some beaded snowflakes that have also been on my (beading) needle this week.

Well that's all for this week - I will leave you with this thought:
My biggest fear is that when I die, my husband will sell my craft materials for what I told him they cost!

Don't forget to pop over to the website for lots of crafty bits and pieces.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Elf and Safety....

Well after our brilliant Guest Blog last week from the adorable Sunshine Daisy & Baby Alien, I was not sure how to follow it. So, I thought I would tell you a bit about our newest member of staff, Alfie the Elf.

Alfie, the Elf looks at safety,
He wants us to stay safe and well.
He gives us the rules we must follow
And applies them to all personnel.

The dragons must not go near paper
Their breathing could make it ignite.
And skating on beads is forbidden,
Especially when dark in the night!

The witches must not sing too loudly,
Their voices are squeaky and high.
They cannot be heard by most humans
But attract all the dogs from nearby! 

Beading at night must now cease.
Who knows where the small beads might fall.
Then Jan will come in and fall over,
No, he cannot allow that at all.

The dragons are not very happy,
There's trouble afoot, I foretell.
They are thinking of ways to outwit him
If that fails, they'll just cast a spell!

There may be troublesome times ahead in my little red room, while the staff settle down to work together in harmony. What am I saying, harmony, two Dragons, two Witches and an Elf - I suspect there are more adventures to come!

That's all for this week, don't forget to pop over to the website to see what new items we have

Monday, 7 July 2014

Guest Blogger July 2014

Each month we will have a guest blogger to entertain you, and our very first one is that lovely (mischievous) duo Sunshine Daisy & Baby Alien from Daisy Felts.

Wooop, we’re famous!  We’re going to be guest bloggers over at Glitterwitch... yay... lets go have a mooch around the page and see what lovely goodies she sells... ohhhhh, beads, they look fun!  Can we have some Mum??? Pleeeeaseeeee!

Oh look, yummy beads to play with, wow, what shall we make Baby Alien??  I know, I know, Muuuum, can we have a needle and thread please, I promise to be careful and not stab Baby Alien with the needle... honestly!

Oh Baby Alien, you’re not meant to be playing football with the pretty beads... oh, you’re picking the nicest ones for me... oh go on then, you can help.... but mind my needle, Mum says its veeerrry sharp – ouch, my finger!!

Look Baby Alien, this is what you do... put them on the needle and push them down the thread like this, oh don’t they look pretty!

Ta dah!!!  Mum, Mum, look at the pretty necklace I made... No Mum, Baby Alien didn’t want one – he’s a boy!

Can we get more beads from the Glitterwitch site please, pretty please?? 

If you have enjoyed this tale from Sunshine Daisy and Baby Alien why not visit their Facebook page to see more of their adventures
Many thanks to the lovely Diane Dawber, creator of these two adorable characters. If you would like to see more of her work, pop over to her Etsy shop