Monday, 14 April 2014

Meet the Dragons

Some of you may know that I have two Dragon sisters who work for me and have become as much a part of Glitterwitch as I am. So, inspired by a good friend who writes the most entertaining stories and poems, I thought I would try my hand and help you get to know the Dragons a bit better.

But firstly I must tell you that they were recruited for me by the lovely Tina from . So pop over and see her if you feel you need a Dragon for your business or just as a friend.

So here goes with my poem:-

My business employs two small dragons
They're clever and purple and fun
They're always there when I need them
To help me to get the job done

Lena's in charge of accounting
She uses her cauldron of beads
She sorts out the colours and lines them all up
Then makes notes that nobody can read!

The  gold beads she keeps as her wages
She threads them all onto a string
"I think I've enough for a necklace " she says
"And maybe a few for a ring!"

Lorna's a Marketing Dragon
She follows the fashions and trends.
She taught me about Social Media
Of tweeting and liking and friends.

She thinks up the deals we can offer
And draws up a draft for the tweet
Then she shouts it all over the internet
A dragon is rarely discreet!

And so, now we all work together
Lena & Lorna & Me
Although I must say, a lot of the time

We just craft with a large pot of tea!

I hope  you enjoyed that - let me know what you think? All feedback welcome.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Which Hat Today?

Well here we are in April and I am very proud to say that Glitterwitch is now officially VAT registered. Having said that, I might not be feeling so proud when it comes to completing the first quarterly return - but that is weeks away yet!

Although it was very time consuming,I did manage to get all the prices amended on the Website to show the VAT content, and no, I did not increase the prices. So imagine my excitement when the first order came through yesterday (1st April). The automatic email from the site showed the net cost, and the VAT content and I was feeling very smug........... and then I realised that it had not broken down the VAT on the postage charge! So after much searching in the back of the website I finally found a tiny little tick box and managed to correct the problem.  Then disaster struck - my printer decided it had printed its last!

This brings me to today's topic - Which hat today?  When you run a small business entirely on your own you have to wear a variety of hats. This morning, I had my IT Support Hat on as I connected and configured a new printer. While I was doing that I popped on my Social Networking Hat to keep up with Facebook and Twitter. Later today I will have my Finance Hat on as I check the paperwork returned from my Accountant yesterday and looking forward to (hopefully) wearing my Crafting Hat this evening.  Do you run your own business - if so how many hats do you wear?

So. with my Marketing Hat on, I have now signed up for Craftfest which is an online Craft Fair taking place in May - but there will be lots more about that in the coming weeks.  The website has lots of Easter crafting ideas and well as Craft Kits for all age groups to keep the little ones busy in the Easter Holidays.

I will leave you this time with a Marketing quote from my favourite fictional character - Pooh Bear:
"You can't stand in the corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes"