Monday, 30 June 2014

Meet the Staff

By now most of you will know all about my Dragons, Lorna & Lena, but it is time to meet my Creative Team.  Yes, believe it or not there is a small team behind the items created by Glitterwitch. When I say small, that is a little clue - please say a big Hello to Pearl & Purl

Pearl & Purl (yes I get confused as well!) are little Spiral Witches who love helping me create new items to make. They like to sit on top of the radio and sing along to the music while they work. Generally they keep out of the way of the dragons, who are much bigger than them, and just whisper among themselves. They are very polite and well behaved and I would like to say a big thank you to Cathy from Spiral Rose who recruited them for me.

Talking of the dragons, there was a bit of an incident last night. I thought they had calmed down after the excitement of the new bead delivery, but I was awoken in the night by a noise. Imagine the scene, all is dark and  there is a rustling sound followed by some squeaky singing and then giggles. When I turned on the light - this is what I found
and this is what they were singing, to the tune of Strangers in the Night:-

Beaders in the night, exchanging glances,
Tricky in this light, what are the chances
It turns out all right, before this night is through
Do bead do bead do la la la la la

What can I say - those Dragons are incorrigible!

Despite all their mischief, Lorna, the Marketing Dragon has come up with a new idea. Each month, she is going to invite a Guest Blogger to write for you - we are all very excited about this. The first one will be next week so remember to pop back to see who it is.

So I will leave you with the challenge to guess who will be writing our Blog next week, Lorna is being very secretive about it.

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