Monday, 24 March 2014

VAT I thought I was doing ok .......

So, one week to VAT day - queue drumroll. So how is it all going at Glitterwitch HQ?
Well, I thought I was doing ok - making lists and plodding my way through them ticking things off one by one - but then my Hughes Syndrome (HS) kicked in!

We are told that when we are stressed it affects our weak spot - in my case - my left leg. The HS manifested itself in me almost three years ago with a large blood clot in my thigh that spread down my leg and across my stomach. Surgery cleared the clot, but my left leg has been permanently left the size of a tree trunk and with poor blood flow. In the last few days it has become more swollen (not a pretty sight) and rather painful. So, I spent yesterday (Sunday) with my leg up quietly knitting and not worrying about VAT at all.

It was a wake up call for me to remember that I have to pace myself and sometimes take things slower than I would like.

Anyway, onwards and upwards and today is another week and  another challenge. I am going to have my blood checked later today, just to make sure there is nothing else causing the swelling, but I am sure it will come back ok.

So, am I ready for VAT day? Well more or less, the biggest job left to do is amend the prices on the website to show the VAT content, but I cant really do that till the last minute.  To that end, I would like to ask for your help. I think the website needs a re-vamp, so I would like to ask you to pop over and have a look round and tell me what you think. How can I improve it? What do you like about it, or what don't you like about it?  Be honest - I can take it - I think!!

I will leave you with this thought:  Beading all day won't solve your problems, but then again, nor will housework!

Monday, 10 March 2014

The Joys of VAT

Well here we are 10th March already - how did that happen? They say that time goes by faster the older you get - well enough said on that subject!

One of my main suppliers in Denmark has said they will no longer supply me without a VAT number, and although my turnover is not (yet) sufficient to force me to register I decided to do so voluntarily. So I am proud to announce that I have a new VAT number which comes into effect on 1 April 2014 (no that is not an April Fools joke early - it really does!)

What I hadn't appreciated was the work that is involved in setting this up. Firstly I need to do an accurate stock take - this has proved very time consuming as I have almost 1000 different products and although on paper I have a record of the stock I thought this would be a good time to physically count everything to verify that paperwork. So picture if you can, me clambering about in the loft counting polystyrene balls that don't seem to want to stay still! Add to that beads, threads, washi tape, craft kits ...........  I think you get the idea now.  Next to tackle is the paperwork - need to do a quarterly VAT return, add VAT details to my invoices and add extra columns to my accounts. That doesn't seem too difficult!

So with the stock counted, and new files marked VAT on the shelf all that is left is to amend the price of every single item on the website to show the VAT content.

I started this blog by saying time is Marching on very quickly - is there enough time left to get all the above done by 1 April?  Of course there is if I don't sleep! More to the point when will I get time to knit and play with my beads. So tune in next time to see how I am getting on and if I have retained my sanity through it all!

I will leave you with this thought: A man who works with his hands is a laborer, a man who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman, but a man who works with his hands, head and heart is an artist.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Spring has Sprung

So, how do you tell if Spring is finally here? Is it because the birds singing wake you up in the morning, or is it when the bulbs push their little faces up into the garden to say Hello, or is it just because the Supermarkets are full of Easter Eggs?

So what does Spring mean to you? For me it is a time to review things, spring clean the house (because the dust shows up in the sunlight), and take a look at Glitterwitch to see how it is doing.  With the latter I have decided to get back to basics and concentrate on my core business which is beads and beading supplies.  Over the last year I have introduced a lot of new ranges, some have been very successful and some less so. One of the problems with working alone is that there is no one around to pull you back on track when you veer off the correct path. Heyho, we live and learn don't we?

So , this is all good news for you lovely people. I have decided not to buy any more Children's Craft Kits and to clear out some of the ones I have. Over on the website there is an offer for 30% off all kids craft kits. If you have a party coming up, now would be a good time to grab some bargains to keep the little ones amused. Just quote MADMARCH at the checkout to receive your discount.

I will leave you with a question this time: How do you tell when Spring has arrived?