Monday, 27 January 2014

To Sale or not to Sale

It seems that everyone has a sale on at the moment, traditionally people used to wait until the January sales to buy large ticket items. But with so much competition about these days and everyone fighting to get their hands on your little bit of spare cash, it seems to me that the sales last all year round. So, the big question is - should Glitterwitch have big sale now?

Well, those of you who have visited the website will know that there is now a Sale album on there covering a variety of products. This album will remain all year round with new items being added each month.

You may also know that our Facebook page employs a purple Marketing Dragon called Lorna. She now posts special offers every week just for fans of that page. So dont forget to pop over and see what she has for you this week.

I said before that I would tell you a bit about living with an Auto Immune Disease. I was diagnosed with Hughes Syndrome or Sticky Blood, a couple of years ago following a huge blood clot in my thigh. Consequently I have to take a daily dose of Warfain to thin my blood and stop it clotting any more. Trouble is, to date my blood has not stabilised and so at the moment I have to have it tested twice a week and my Warfarin dose adjusted each time. Not only is that time consuming, but when my blood is too thick it affects my concentration levels. So running Glitterwitch on my own is challenging and sometimes frustrating, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

That leads me nicely to this time's crafty quote: "Life is too short - knit faster!"

Monday, 20 January 2014

Surviving the weather

Hello again, how are you coping with the winter weather? My part of Kent has survived all the rain and wind fairly well with not too much ill effect. I find that the cold, wet weather makes me want to knit warm and cosy items, but actually I should be building up my stocks of summer items such as lace shawls etc oh dear decisions decisions.

I don't make New Year Resolutions but this year I have secretly decided not to start too many crafting projects at once. But then I thought, I do beady things in the day time in natural light, and I knit in front of the TV in the evening so different types of crafts are ok aren't they?

So, what's new this month on the website? Well, you can now find a selection of coloured craft wires, great for beading or you can knit or crochet with them.

Above is a bracelet made by threading seed beads onto the wire and then knitting a garter stitch strip with the wire, bringing up the beads as you go. This bracelet was made by casting on 7 stitches. but you could experiment with larger or smaller numbers, different types of beads etc to make a unique bracelet. Once you get the hang of it - it is rather addictive, don't say I didn't warn you !

Well bye for now, I shall leave you with another favourite quote: Creativity is allowing oneself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep!

Monday, 6 January 2014

January - a month of change.

Hello and welcome to my new blog. My name is Jan and I own Glitterwitch, a crafty business! This blog will be a little bit about me and living with an auto immune disease and lots about crafting.
I plan to share with you what I am making, give you crafty hints and tips, set up discussions about crafting, and share offers and previews from my website 
So here goes:

January always seems a bit of a strange month to me. Quiet after the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year and yet full of challenges and new beginnings. As the owner of a craft website is it a time of change. Stock items somehow transform into something else. For example
This item was a Wooden Advent box because it has 24 drawers, but as soon as it is back in stock it will become a Crafters Storage Box or is it a Workshop Storage. Not sure which name suits it best - what do you think?

There will be lots of new items arriving on the website in the coming weeks including coloured wire for crafting and some unusual new Jewellery making kits. More about those when they arrive - hopefully later this week. I get quite excited when the big boxes arrive, even though I know what is going to be in them, there is still something of the child in me that loves unwrapping them and rummaging inside. I think a lot of crafters are the same- they just love getting their hands on new crafty things!

So, thank you for reading my new blog, I will leave you today with one of my favourite crafty quotes "The only way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas!. Bye for now and happy crafting.