Monday, 27 October 2014

Making Memories with Paper Stars

Last year at about this time I learnt how to make German Paper Stars (Froebel Star).  I know it looks complicated, but once you get the hang of it, they really are quite addictive. There is no glue involved - it is just four strips of paper folded in such a way to make a 3D star. I made then in all colours and sizes  and proudly displayed them at a local Christmas Craft Fair.

 A middle aged couple stopped at my stall, and the lady burst into tears. After several minutes sobbing and being calmed by her Husband she was able to talk to me.

"When I was little" she said "my Father made paper stars just like these every Christmas.  He died when I was still too young to learn how to make them myself. Every year we search to find new ones to replace the old ones which are now torn and faded, but we never find any. Today we were driving through Sevenoaks and saw the sign for this fair, so we decided to call in, not really expecting very much. "

More tears followed, but I now realised they were happy tears.

"So" said her Husband "can we buy all you have, it would make my wife very happy". 

"No" I Replied "I don't think you should buy them, but I will sell you a pack of paper strips and the instructions to make your own"

Overjoyed, the couple left the stall after telling me I had given them the best Christmas present ever.  It still brings a tear to my eye as I remember them, and I hope they are preparing to make some paper stars for this year.

So, why don't you make some with your family this year and create some new memories.  Just take four paper strips and follow the instructions!

If that looks a bit too difficult to follow then go to YouTube here and follow one of the tutorials.

We have lots of different designs of paper strips on our website so why not have a look and see which ones you like Paper Strips

I will leave you with this story overheard in a doctors surgery:

Woman: Doctor I am terribly constipated, I don't go for days!
Doctor: How many days?
Woman: Sometimes a whole week.
Doctor: And when you do go, do you have difficulty passing a motion?
Woman: Something dreadful Doctor. I often sit there for five or six hours.
Doctor: Do you take anything?
Woman: Oh yes, I take my knitting!

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