Monday, 20 October 2014

Halloween is on the way

Halloween will soon be upon us, and I have to admit it is not something I have ever really celebrated. Having said that, it seems to be becoming more popular in this country as the supermarkets are full of pumpkins to carve into lanterns.

Two of the Glitterwitch staff are however, getting very excited about Halloween.  They are Pearl & Purl the Spiral Witches.

Spiral Witches are excited, Halloween is on the way
They've asked to have some time off - but only for the day
They really are hardworking, they never take a break
Except to have a little snack, washed down with green milkshake

They are getting quite excited, looking forward to the date
To fly off on their broomsticks and hope they're not too late
To meet the other witches, all done up in their best
The meeting place a little vague - just fly towards north-west!

The witches will all gather, on a mountain somewhere high
And laugh and joke and whizz around across the midnight sky
And then as dawn is breaking there's a change of atmosphere
They wave goodbye and journey home to work another year.

Do you do anything at Halloween have you ever been out Trick or Treating?

I will leave you with this witchy thought:
Laugh and the world laughs with you, cackle maniacally and the world backs away from you!

The Spiral Witches were recruited to Glitterwitch by Cathy at Spiral Rose


  1. lol - lovely to meet Pearl and Purl, hope they have a fun Halloween x

  2. The Spiral Folk are pleased to see that Pearl and Purl are entering into the Halloween spirit. Oh, and we're all cackling maniacally!

    1. Lot of cackling going on here too. Pearl & Purl are waving to their Spiral friends