Monday, 3 November 2014

Little Dragons of Ogmore-by-Sea

As you know, it was Halloween last week and Lorna and Lena the Dragon sisters asked for the night off to meet up with some friends.   On the way back they met up with their Friend Mr Ashton in Wales who told them a sad tale of some local dragons.

The Little Dragons of Ogmore-by-Sea.

With little red legs that are covered in scales
They sit in their little dark caves
A creature that’s only now found in South Wales
Watching the cold rolling waves.

On the coast of Glamorgan where nobody goes
They quietly smoulder and sit
Scratching their ears with their little sharp toes
In their den in some caves near Llantwit.

Although they are fierce they are terribly shy
And also they’re terribly rare.
And as they’re nocturnal that’s possibly why
Nobody knows they are there.

Their range is restricted by habitat loss
So now they’re found nowhere at all
Except for a churchyard in Culverhouse Cross
And the coast between Rhoose and Porthcawl.

They’re eight inches long and have leathery wings
And mouthfuls of needle like teeth.
But those who have seen them assure me the things
Are quite soft to touch underneath.

They were thirty feet long in the past so they say.
Especially some of the males,
When they preyed upon virgins but virgins today
Are rarer than dragons in Wales.

So with nowhere to live and their diet gone wrong
The dragons have grown very small
And if something’s not done it won’t be all that long
Before there’s no dragons at all.

I’m told they like cat food by people who know,
They tell me it’s just what they need
So leave them a tin on the beach when you go
Down to Ogmore to help them to breed.

 So remember, next time you go to Wales, take some Cat Food with you to help the poor little Dragons.  Lorna and Lena don't have a cat, but they know of witches who do, so they are busy contacting them.

With Halloween and half term behind us, thoughts now turn to the Festive Season. So next week will bring the first of our Christmas themed blogs.

So tell me - have you started buying presents yet, or are you a "rush round on Christmas Eve" sort of person?

Until next time .........

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  1. Adding extra cat food to my shopping list now - those poor dragons! x