Sunday, 1 June 2014

Discount in foreign parts!

Well here we are in June, another month and another challenge. This months challenge will be my first VAT return which is due at the end of the month. Am I worried - well, how hard can it be?

Exciting news this week is that one of my shawls is featured in this months Craftseller magazine. They just emailed me out of the blue and said they had seen it on Folksy and could they use it in one of their articles. Tough decision?  Well the problem was, I was in Switzerland at the time with no access to the photos they wanted me to send them. Luckily for me I returned home the evening before their deadline. Anyway here is the shawl
While in Switzerland I popped into a wool shop (are you surprised) and spent a happy half hour wandering round looking (and prodding) all the lovely yarn. The owner had limited English and my German is even more limited, but the language of wool came through for us. When she came to add up my purchases on the till she said" it is no good - too much money, I shall give you 10% discount\" How very kind of her I thought. She then looked at the total again and said "Oh still too much another 10%".  Eventually she gave me the till receipt so that I could pay. Although grateful for the discount, I was a little curious about it and so I asked her. "Oh dear" she said "I am sorry for you as lots of wool shops in England are closing down - so I give you discount to cheer you up"  What a lovely lady !

Time to go now, so I shall leave you with this thought - My Husband said if I buy any more wool he will leave me. Shame, I shall miss him!


  1. What a lovely thing to have happened, I wonder if she does that for all the visitors from England

    1. Yes, it would be interesting to know wouldn't it?

  2. How lovely of her - and massive well done on your magasine debut too x