Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Beads Beads Everywhere

Well, here we are again, and today's blog is a little different - it is a beady poem.

Beads, beads everywhere
I've dropped them on the floor.
They are rolling across the carpet
And now heading for the door.

They've rolled across the hallway
And down the stairs they go.
I don't think I can catch them,
Watch out down below!

They are off towards the garden
I wonder where they'll rest.
Oh no, here comes the magpie
He will want them for his nest!

At last I think I've trapped them
Herded them under a garden chair.
One lesson this has taught me

The next beads I buy will be square!

I hope that made you smile today.

Tomorrow's blog is about some different uses for beads.

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