Monday, 11 August 2014

Tea with Friends

From your feedback, I know a lot of you have small businesses which, like me,  you run on your own.  I am really proud of what I have achieved in my business  and love the fact that I get to make all the decisions, and sometimes the mistakes, myself.  But I have to admit that occasionally it does feel lonely.

So when things get a little fraught in Glitterwitch HQ I love to take tea with friends. Nowadays you don't have to be in the same room, same town or even the same country to enjoy a cuppa and chew over what is troubling you. I just pop the kettle on and settle with my tea at the computer.

I have a terrific group of friends in a similar situation on social media who seem to be available for a chat at any time of the day or night. They understand the issues around running a small business, juggling all the tasks and trying to be creative when your head is full of invoices and what is for dinner that evening! They all have a great sense of humour! We chat about the highs and the lows of our businesses and life in general.  Then, once the cup is empty, it is time to get back to work with a renewed energy and sense of calm.

Time for a little poem called Tea with Friends:-

If your yarn is in a tangle
And your balls have run away
Sit down and have a cup of tea
It might improve your day
If your beads are all a jumble
And your needle just wont thread
Put the kettle on, get the biscuits out
And have tea with friends instead.

We have lots of new items on the website this week  including wire flowers, hearts and Christmas trees for you to decorate.  Oh and don't forget the Craft Starter Kits - everything you need to learn a new craft with easy to follow instructions to get you going.

Just before I leave you, I had better report progress with the hexagons. The blanket is slowly getting bigger, but there is an awful lot of sewing up involved!


  1. Great poem and the blanket is looking great x

  2. Wow, you've made good progress with the hexagons, and sewing as you go is probably a good ploy. True what you say about the virtual tea with friends, it's invaluable

  3. Love the poem & i can empathise with the small business stuff. My business is only 12 months old.

  4. Morning Dawn. Its hard sometimes isn't it - but there are lots of us here to talk to! Glad you like the poem. Jan.