Monday, 25 August 2014

Fairy Showcase

Today I want to talk to you about fairies.  Now what does that mean to you?  Does it conjure up pictures of mystical creatures with magical powers who live at the bottom of the garden?

 Maybe you are a Disney fan, and it makes you think of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, or the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. What about Oberon and Titania, Shakespeare's King and Queen of the fairies.

We all have different ideas of what a fairy is or does. So, what happened when a group of crafty friends were asked to make something with a fairy theme?

Well , it resulted in the BFG Fairy Showcase. Certainly each person had a different take on the fairy theme and matched it to their particular craft.

Sue made an Enchanting Fairy Mushroom Pendant using the lost wax method

Gem made a Titania Faerie Headdress. Her own unique design with chains at the rear to hold it in place.

Diane made a beautiful hand stitched Fairy Door completed with a beaded bell pull

Laura made an Aluminium and Copper Bangle with a crystal butterfly.

Jakki wanted to share a lovely book with us.

and my contribution included some beaded Fairy Bag Charms.

We have set up a special Facebook page where you will find all the above items and many more:-

So, have you a different idea of what should be on a Fairy themed page - why not let us know?

I will leave you with this quote by J M Barrie, from Peter Pan:-

"Do you believe in fairies? ... If you do clap your hands." 


  1. I believe, I believe *Clapping hands madly* x

    1. Me too Diane. It is hard to type though when clapping your hands.