Monday, 8 June 2015

What is Lorna up to now?

Today, I have a poem for you. I know you all love hearing about the antics of our "staff" and so this poem is about Lorna, the Marketing Dragon.

Lorna has planted some seed beads
She wanted to see how they grow
But after a week there was nothing
And she thought it was all rather slow

She gave them a drink with some Growmore
And waited a little bit longer
But when still there was nothing appearing
She thought maybe they need something stronger

The Spiral Witches were watching
They could see from their shelf very well
They wanted to help their friend Lorna
 So decided to cast a small spell

That night when the Dragons were sleeping
The Witches were creeping around
There was chanting and waving of wands going on
While they tried not to make any sound.

When Lorna awoke the next morning
She couldn't believe her own sight
A beautiful flower was there in her pot
And it seemed to have grown overnight

But Lorna was just a bit puzzled
She went to her Sister and said
That flower is really quite lovely

But the beads that I planted were red!

Poor Lorna, she is still a bit confused by it all. Those Spiral Witches, Pearl & Purl, really are lovely aren't they? - how nice of them to help their friend.

Pearl & Purl the Spiral Witches were recruited for us by Spiral Rose. Click here to visit their Facebook page.

Lorna the Marketing Dragon was recruited for us by Mists of Azura, Handcrafted Dragons. Click here to visit their website.

Well that's all from me for this time, just a note to say we have lots of seed beads on our website click here to have a browse.

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  1. What a lovely flower - she'll be planting all your stock now! x