Monday, 14 April 2014

Meet the Dragons

Some of you may know that I have two Dragon sisters who work for me and have become as much a part of Glitterwitch as I am. So, inspired by a good friend who writes the most entertaining stories and poems, I thought I would try my hand and help you get to know the Dragons a bit better.

But firstly I must tell you that they were recruited for me by the lovely Tina from . So pop over and see her if you feel you need a Dragon for your business or just as a friend.

So here goes with my poem:-

My business employs two small dragons
They're clever and purple and fun
They're always there when I need them
To help me to get the job done

Lena's in charge of accounting
She uses her cauldron of beads
She sorts out the colours and lines them all up
Then makes notes that nobody can read!

The  gold beads she keeps as her wages
She threads them all onto a string
"I think I've enough for a necklace " she says
"And maybe a few for a ring!"

Lorna's a Marketing Dragon
She follows the fashions and trends.
She taught me about Social Media
Of tweeting and liking and friends.

She thinks up the deals we can offer
And draws up a draft for the tweet
Then she shouts it all over the internet
A dragon is rarely discreet!

And so, now we all work together
Lena & Lorna & Me
Although I must say, a lot of the time

We just craft with a large pot of tea!

I hope  you enjoyed that - let me know what you think? All feedback welcome.

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  1. That is a fantastic poem! So lovely to meet your fabulous dragon assistants too :)